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Technology for plasma gasification of all types of waste has reached a maturity level where Afriplasma can roll it out with confidence to deserving communities. This process significantly reduces waste volume whilst releasing a huge amount of energy as well as syngas.

Afriplasma is the System Engineering lead in co-operation with specialist suppliers of well-proven equipment and technology

Basically , we can take waste like Medical Waste, Household Waste, Waste Biomass, Commercial Waste, Industrial Waste, Tyres etc. and produce Energy & Fuels.

Benefits of this technology

  • Waste volume reduction of Municipal Solid Waste, Biomass, Agricultural Timber Waste, Coal Fines, Used Motor Oil, Medical Waste and Low Level Nuclear Waste by over 90%.
  • Beneficiation of waste products (Electricity production, synfuel production) generates handsome income that by far exceeds running costs.
  • Low emissions.
  • Low energy consumption, 2 to 5% of generated power usage.
  • Slag produced from inorganic waste is a sellable material as aggregate for road building, concrete etc.
  • Metals can be easily separated from slag and is a high value recyclable waste.
  • Tipping charges per ton of waste increases profitability and reduces plant payback period.

Our specialization

  • Plasma Waste Gasification Plants

    Plant design, systems engineering, process engineering, plant integration, procurement, construction, commissioning and plant operation

  • Plasma Torches

    We Supply Plasma Torches

  • Plant Maintenance

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  • Spare Parts

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